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Everything starts at

Bethany Park

Everything starts at
Bethany Park


"Welcome to Central Avenue! “The Flavors of Central Tour” is an individualized experience. You will be able to choose to stay within groups or follow your own path. However you feel will enhance your experience most. 

Volunteers will be positioned throughout the commercial corridor. They will help to guide all visitors and answer any questions that may arise. There will also be signage along the avenue to help with directions to the featured venues. Receptionists will greet you at every participating eatery’s door.

The Flavors of Central are all unique and special. Our selection of dishes have been curated by culinary connoisseurs, but all come from the eatery’s everyday menu.

Arrival time:

To check in and start the tour, you will need to arrive at Bethany Park between 9:30 and 10:30 for registration. Bethany Park is located at the center of Central Avenue’s corridor, 

1120 Central Avenue, Kansas City, KS. 66102


We have plenty of parking to accommodate all visitors. Free parking is available in Bethany Community Center’s parking lot or along the edge of the Park on 12th street.


To register, locate the registration booth tent. The tent will be located within the La Placita Market at the Park. Next locate Central Avenue Betterment Association’s personnel. They will be wearing CABA T-shirts to help identify themselves. 

During verification of your registration you will be given a map, a security bracelet, and a voucher for each of the participating eateries.

Now You will be ready to Tour!


Tour Travel Options.

All of the participating eateries are quite close one to the other. You will be able to walk, ride a bike, or use the RideKC Bus free service.

  1. Walk Central Avenue and stop everywhere! If you choose to walk, you will find plenty of signage directing you to the right places. There will be a receptionist at every eatery who will greet you and give you  instructions of what you are about to taste.

  2. Ride a bike! Feel free to bring your own bicycle or you can borrow one of our loaners. Either way, the receptionist will care for your equipment while you feast inside. Will touring on a bicycle help you with your digestion? You tell us. 

  3. RideKC Bus service! This free service will be available at the regular bus stops. You could walk part of the tour, and then ride part of the time, or choose to ride throughout. Your bracelet will have your traveling covered.

As we mentioned before, “The Flavors of Central Tour” is designed to be a tourist’s choice-driven tour. There is no specific order to be followed, and the time you take to get from one place to the other is totally up to you. You have plenty of time to visit. Take your time. Enjoy the experience of each place. Our suggestion is to soak in every detail and dish!

At or around 1 pm we will be closing the Reception Service. No rush, but we will congregate back in Bethany Park. La Placita Market will have live music and plenty of additional activities.

By now we are plenty sure you will be well into your Mexican experience and ready for a cold beverage. We suggest a slow visit to one of our fantastic neighborhood bars, you will savoir every moment of your visit!

We hope to see you on May 1st and plenty of other occasions. #SeeYouOnCentral"

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