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Enjoy all the flavor, culture, and diversity that exists on Central Avenue!

People from around the world have discovered there is nothing quite like the invigorating flavors of traditional Mexican cuisine and the authentic dishes that can only be found in the ever-popular tourist destinations in Mexico. 


Over the last four decades, Latino immigration to the Midwest has brought new and mysterious spices, condiments, and recipes. The culinary culture that Latinos have brought North has transformed the palates of Americans. A wave of new flavors has enhanced the Mexican and Centro American food experience, and gained a very demanding following. 


We, in the Kansas City Metro, are fortunate enough to have more than 40 authentic Latino restaurants along the Central Area corridor. Over the last 40 years these businesses have built Kansas City, Kansas into the Mecca of all Regional-Original dishes. 


We invite you to join us and explore “The Flavors of Central Tour”. Fall in love with the traditional dishes, drinks, and desserts our businesses have to offer. We will help guide you to becoming the real, regional Mexican food connoisseur you always knew you were! 


Thank you!

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